About us

SAFE TRANS deals with the transport of patients, immobile persons and persons severely restricted in mobility both in the country and abroad. We use new air-conditioned ambulances, equipped in accordance with European standards, in order to provide maximum comfort to patients. We have long-standing experience working with disabled persons, which differentiates us from others! By choosing us, all your concerns related to the transport of your beloved ones shall become our concerns. Stairs and the floor on which the patient is situated are no problem for us!

How we work

We perform transport using the bed-to-bed system. If you are not able to be beside the patient or to come to the location or the institution where the patient is situated, our team will provide full transport by themselves, safely and reliably. Your SAFE-TRANS.


- Transport of patients

- Ambulance transport

- Transport of disabled persons

- Transport of sick persons

- Transport of patients in the country and abroad